Benefits of Working in Skilled Trades


Overtime industry demand changes and there becomes shortages or surplus of workers which result in employment opportunities or lack of employment opportunities for the latter. Not long ago in the early ‘00s the ideal job was marked by working in an office setting with a fancy new computer and a cubicle all to your self. Now, the demand for skilled trade workers is on an uphill rise. If you’re even slightly considering to become a skilled trades worker this article will solidify all the right reasons to sign up for your pre-apprenticeship program today.

Here are 4 reasons why blue-collar careers are more desirable in today’s world:

1. Job Demand

There is nothing more reassuring to know that you’ll spend all this time and money in education to be rewarded with a career. Stats Canada stated an estimated 1 million skilled trade workers will be needed across the country by 2020. We simply don’t have enough skilled trade workers. This shortage translates to increasing employment opportunities and higher wages to compensate to those that are already in the field.

2. Trade school is cheaper & shorter

While spending 4 years of school to complete your bachelors degree is a rewarding achievement the unfortunate debt that sometimes occurs is what draws it all back. Attending our pre-apprenticeship program, all we ask is for a mere 12 weeks as a full-time student before your off and ready to be on the field, and our cost is just a fraction of what you’d pay for your bachelors degree.

3. Trade jobs pay well

We agree that money shouldn’t be the deciding factor of what career you should aim for – but it is certainly important. Stats Canada estimates an average hourly wage 6% higher than any other occupation: $22.36 compared with $21.02. The highest earners are electricians ($25.26), crane operators and plumbers ($24.10).

4. Job Security

When deciding on a career, good pay isn’t the only factor to consider – it’s also about knowing how secure that job is in the future. In today’s economy having a secure career is hard to come by – but not if you enter the skilled trades career. For starters, you can’t outsource skilled trades – in many other industries, jobs are being moved to overseas. Which you can’t do with an electrician, plumber or HVAC technician.