Do I need Pre-Apprentice Learning?


A Pre-Apprenticeship prepares students for their apprenticeships. Receiving the necessary training from a pre-apprentice program can mean having an apprenticeship or not. A pre-apprenticeship gives you the “proof” that you are interested in that career, and the majority of the times, you need one in order for someone to take you on as an apprentice. Remember, as an apprentice you are asking someone to hire you. If you do not have the necessary fundamentals and the time spent trained, such as safety requirements, theory, and hands-on experience, you most likely will not be selected as an apprentice, as they will most likely go with someone that already completed the necessary training.

Having completed a pre-apprenticeship will provide you the necessary training to work in skilled trades and will also make you more desirable for an employer to hire you as an apprentice.

As a contractor looking for an apprentice, it’s preferred that they find one with previous training. Companies will be more willing to take you on as an apprentice because you will be more qualified, experienced and will save your employer a lot of money in training costs (which is why they would rather hire someone that’s gone through the training).

Overall, there is a lot of value that a pre-apprentice program offers. It will not only provide you all the necessary training you need to start your career in skilled trades but it will also provide you a much better chance at receiving an apprenticeship with an employer.

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