Go to University they said….


Go to University if you want, but goodluck finding a job. I know this sounds harsh but this is reality. Today, its extremely challenging to obtain a position in your field of study. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Marketing Staff, Teachers; unfortunately, too many students are jumping on careers they know little about. This is why we try and provide you industry outlook. Students need to understand the numbers and not only find what they enjoy, but also research where the industry is heading.

As more and more students go to school for university type degrees, the demand for white collar workers has drastically reduced. In Canada, we know just how competitive it is. After students finish university, they come into the workforce thinking they will begin their career, only to find out that their dream job is not attainable because there’s another million applicants fighting for that same position.

Its an unfortunate reality that employment in white collar positions are on a drastic decline as students continue to pump university degrees into Canada, pouring with managerial type education without any application and thought of its future.

We highly encourage students to own their future and realize that “The Future is in Your Hands”. Not only does skilled trades provide job security and employment opportunities but also, pays very well. There is nothing more reassuring to know that you’ll spend all this time and money on education to be rewarded with a career. Stats Canada stated an estimated 1 million skilled trades workers will be needed across the country by 2020. We simply don’t have enough skilled trade workers. This shortage translates to increasing employment opportunities and higher wages to compensate to those that are already in the field. States Canada estimates an average hourly wage of 6% higher than other occupations: $22.36 compared with $21.02. The highest earners are electricians ($25.26), crane operators and plumbers ($24.10).

Own your future, don’t let it own you.