New regulations are in place, are you up to date?

  • Become certified by the Ministry of Labour
  • Strengthen workplace safety
  • Reduce the number of fall-from-height incidents
  • Obtain knowledge about fall hazards and general safety practices
  • Meet Working at Height standards
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Career Services

STC aims to empower skilled trades students and alumni by providing resources, programs and networking opportunities to effectively achieve industry success. STC also strives to cultivate and sustain industry relationships with our recruitment partners in the skilled trades community.

We provide:

  • one on one student and alumni counselling appointments
  • career guidance and seminars
  • recruitment and networking events


Are you in need of an apprentice who can join your team and make an immediate impact? Are you looking for individuals that have the fundamentals, hands on experience and safety requirements needed to work with your team? We can help.

We work hand-in-hand with our students to make sure they are apprentice ready when the time comes. We customize staffing solutions to meet your needs and theirs. Hiring the right apprentice is vital for your organization, and at STC we try and help place determined and qualified students with employment opportunities that can help your organization excel.

If you’re a contractor and you’d like to request for a qualified and trained apprentice  and would like first choice of students that excelled in the classroom, please send an email to Tony Martella at