Welcoming the newest program to Skilled Trades College – Residential Brick Laying – this third-party funded program was designed to allow participants to master the skill of preparing and laying brick, structural tiles, concrete block, stone, and relevant masonry work. At the end of this program participants will be ready to launch themselves as a skilled entry-level masonry apprentice.

The Skilled Trades College of Canada is training masons to meet the current housing demands. With this program, individuals will learn to construct, install and/or repair various structures. Trainees will be taught how to use the necessary tools, the proper techniques required in the bricklaying trade, and safety training to make sure that not only they are certified with Working at Heights standards, but also prepared to endeavor on construction sites safely. They will learn the necessary theoretical knowledge of all aspects of masonry, brick and stone work, as well as receive the fundamental practical hands-on training in a simulated on-the-job setting.

Course Outline

1. Soft Skills
2. Identify Masonry Materials
3. Measurements
4. Scaffolding
5. Trowel Skills
6. Tool Identification
7. Mixing Mortar
8. Site Preparation
9. Laying Masonry Units

Safety Training Certificates Received
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Working at Heights
What's in it For Me?

Graduates of our Masonry Program leave with:
• Full Set of Masonry Tools
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Safety Certifications