Working at Heights Training & Certification

Why Safety Training?

  • Become certified by the Chief Prevention Officer
  • Strengthen workplace safety
  • Reduce the number of fall-from-height incidents
  • Obtain knowledge about fall hazards and general safety practices
  • Meet Working at Height standards
  • Mandatory by Law as of Oct 1st, 2017

Purpose of the Working at Heights Training Program

To establish a mandatory minimum standard for high quality and consistent training for workers who work at heights in the Province of Ontario. Our program prepares you for a range of working scenarios to help you work more effectively & safely, while also following Ontario laws and regulations. Our Working at Heights Training course was designed to provide you with real world scenarios to help you become better prepared for working at heights.

Training Program Length

Minimum of 7 hours
In accordance with Ontario Ministry of Labour standards, this course is a minimum of 7 hours. You will be required to obtain a passing grade of 75% to receive a certificate.

Working at Heights Approved

Certified by the Ministry

Our course is recognized, certified and approved by the Chief Prevention Officer. Upon completion, you will receive an official certification by the Chief Prevention Officer.

Flexible Schedule Available

Available 7 days a week
We have flexible scheduling options to accommodate your needs; available 7 days a week. We also have the option of coming to your workplace.

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