Smart Home Wiring

Intro to Smart
Home Wiring Program

The Intro to  Smart Home Wiring Program at the Skilled Trades College of Canada was designed to give students the right mix of theoretical and hands-on training to make them successful apprentices. 

STC focusses on what matters most – HANDS ON!! We designed our Intro to Smart Home Wiring program with the contractor in mind.  After all, they are the ones that are going to hire you.  While it’s important to learn the theory, what’s going to make you shine as an apprentice is your ability to help the job move along. Our program ensures you are in the lab 80% of the time working with what matters most – YOUR HANDS!

The low voltage industry has expanded over the years with ever changing and upgraded technologies.  This course covers:

  • Data Cabling for residential or Commercial Applications. Students will learn installation and termination as well as trouble shooting and layout design.
  • Networking Switches and devices needed for a smart home
  • Security and alarm products as well as layout design to install a security system
  • Security camera installation and design as well as networks to central DVR system for live recordings
  • Central Vacuum installation layout and centralized design
  • Audio Visual understanding and installation and Design of room speakers and home theatre applications

Our graduates will receive the necessary skills, safety training, and hands-on practice needed to make them the most sought-after apprentices in their field.